Nordea proud partner of Pride in the Nordic capitals and Poland

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10.06.19 16:37 | Nordea

Nordea stands up for equality and human rights. We are therefore proud to partner up with Pride 2019 in the Nordics and Poland.

Nordea strives to contribute to a society characterised by diversity and equality as well as a work life where you can be yourself and be respected. We want to be the customers's first choice, always acting based on our ethics and values. This is why Nordea also engages in various social issues, and Pride is a natural partner in that respect.

“We want to contribute to making society more inclusive and diversity regarded as an asset, so taking a stand for equality is only natural. It is also completely in line with the Nordea values: collaboration, courage, passion and ownership, said Snorre Storset, head of Nordea Asset & Wealth Management.

Working with issues concerning equality, diversity and inclusion is an ongoing process that involves many employees at Nordea. Nordea co-workers in all countries have joined forces to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues in our daily work, for example by establishing an internal Employee Resource Group called LGBT+ and allies. This is an additional reason why we are cooperating with Pride.

"As a big player in the Nordics, Nordea has the opportunity to make a difference in society and we want to grab that opportunity. We know that mixed teams perform better, and we see diversity as an asset. Nordea has a broad approach to these questions for instance in terms of our culture, work environment and recruitment", says Åsa Nilsson Billme, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Nordea.

In the Nordic countries and Poland, Pride runs from May to August. Nordea participates in both internal and external activities before and during Pride, for example the parade, internal seminars and at Pride Park.

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