Finns prefer cards over cash

22.06.16 8:00 | Lehdistötiedote

According to a survey conducted by Nordea, Finns prefer to pay with cards rather than cash. Nearly all survey participants hold at least one payment card, and almost half of them use the card daily.

Finns are heavy-users when it comes to payment cards. Nearly half of Finns carry at least one payment card, and one in three Finns has two cards. More than 10% of Finns have three payment cards. 

- People living in the Helsinki region and those with higher income tend to have more payment cards, sometimes even more than three. However, the differences are not considerable, says Tero Pirskanen, who heads the unit that issues cards in Nordea.  

Card payments are very common

Nearly 90% of Finns say they use their payment card at least once a week. Almost half use it every day.  

- Four in five Finns say they prefer paying with a card because it is easy and convenient. The second most cited reason for card usage was people's reluctance to carry cash, says Pirskanen. 

The use of cash has been declining every year, and the results of our recent survey suggest the trend continues. 

- Just two percent of all survey participants say they only use cash. 

According to Nordea's survey, Finns use cards especially when paying for groceries. Cards are also used to pay for clothes and at cafes and restaurants.  

The survey was conducted as an Internet panel by TNS Gallup on commission by Nordea between
3 and 10 December 2015. The responses have been weighted taking into account the respondent's age, sex and place of residence. The number of Finnish respondents between the ages of 18 and 65 was 1,066.

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