Entrepreneurial Finland is Nordea’s gift to Finland’s centennial

28.11.16 8:00 | Lehdistötiedote

Nordea and its predecessor banks have participated in building Finnish society throughout our independence. During Finland’s 100th anniversary year, Nordea will gift its economic expertise to young people in particular and support startups in unique ways to help them thrive, thus contributing to Finnish success in the future.

Nordea is participating in the Finland 100 centenary year project, which is led by the Prime Minister’s Office.

- Nordea aims to promote sustainable growth in society at large, which is why we are supporting the spirit of entrepreneurship in Finnish communities. For us, the entrepreneurial spirit is first and foremost a can-do attitude, a certain way of doing things and the ability to create something new, says Riikka Laine-Tolonen, Deputy Head of Personal Banking Finland.

- We will also considerably increase cooperation with projects that promote young people’s financial acumen, which form an important part of our corporate social responsibility. For example, we are helping Me & MyCity reach two grades of school students, or more than 60,000 children, every year. These concrete projects allow us to apply Nordea’s and its employees’ expertise where it has the most impact. Improving young people’s financial acumen is crucial for their, as well as the entire country’s, future, says Laine-Tolonen.

Nordea to establish a growth company unit

To commemorate the centennial, Nordea will establish a business unit that will focus on growth companies, the first bank in Finland to do so. The unit will serve companies with a business model enabling strong, and often international, growth.

- Growth companies and new startups with a strong growth business model need support right from the get-go. That is why our new business unit specialising in growth companies will advise, mentor and support startups, helping them to grow and set up networks, says Sampsa Laine, Head of Business Banking Finland.

The new unit will have a more in-depth focus on the individual needs of every company.

- By advising and mentoring our customer companies, we aim to strengthen their ability to manage growth and give them the tools to seek growth and take risks. In addition, we will utilise our expanding network in the startup field to help our customers create connections with relevant capital investors, angel investors, accelerators, and startup hubs and communities, says Vesa Riihimäki, Head of the growth company unit.

Me & MyCity

Coordinated by the Economic Information Office (TAT), Me & MyCity is a learning environment for sixth and ninth-grade students where they can learn about society, working life and entrepreneurship. More than 15 different companies and public services are represented in Me & MyCity, where students work in a certain profession for which they are paid a salary and participate in society as a consumer and citizen. The project provides a total of one million lessons in financial skills a year.

Growth company unit

The growth company unit advises and supports businesses as they seek growth and build networks. The unit allocates more personnel resources than normal to each customer, allowing it to have a more in-depth focus on each business’s individual needs. In addition to providing banking services, the unit is responsible for the sale of alternative financing services and engaging in active capital investor cooperation.

For further information, please contact:

Deputy Head of Personal Banking Finland Riikka Laine-Tolonen, 050 343 0585 

Head of Business Banking Finland Sampsa Laine, 050 555 9035