Faster credit transfers for Nordea’s Finnish customers – recipients receive money within the same banking day

06.03.17 9:00 | Lehdistötiedote

Nordea will introduce faster credit transfers between financial institutions. The changes, which will take effect before summer, will benefit Nordea’s corporate customers in particular. Faster euro-denominated credit transfers will be available between Nordea in Finland and other Finnish and European financial institutions.

With faster credit transfers, money will be credited to the recipient's account within the same banking day. The changes apply to credit transfers made by both Nordea’s personal and corporate customers. The biggest benefits can be seen among corporate customers.

-       We are very pleased that by accelerating the processing of credit transfers we are able to better respond to customer requests for close to real time payments, says Sampsa Laine, Head of Business Banking in Finland.

-       Faster payment processing improves liquidity management in companies and streamlines their payment traffic. In best cases, this may even result in cost savings for the companies, says Laine.

The payment sphere is developing at a rapid pace and corporate customers expect faster payment processes.

-       As we want to service our corporate customers extensively, the needs of small and larger businesses are the starting point for everything we do, says Laine.

The changes will take effect before the summer. Nordea will provide more detailed information on the timetable during the spring. The changes do not require any action from Nordea’s customers.

Credit transfers between Nordea customers in Finland will continue to be carried out in real time.

For further information:

Sampsa Laine, Head of Business Banking Finland, tel. +358 40 555 9035

Jussi Mekkonen, Head of Personal Banking Finland, tel. +358 50 368 7029

Satu Malkamäki, CPO, tel. +358 40 555 1182

Additional information to corporate customers:

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