Nordea and Invesdor launch a new financing solution for Finnish growth companies

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27.11.18 10:01 | Lehdistötiedote

The collaboration between Nordea and Invesdor in Finland combines Nordea’s expertise in creating a comprehensive financing plan for growth companies with the equity financing available through Invesdor’s platform. The first company to benefit from this collaboration is the Finnish health tech company Naava known for its green walls.

Nordea and Invesdor first teamed up to provide crowdfunding to Finnish growth companies in May 2018. They are now deepening their collaboration by launching an all-new financing solution. Companies raising equity financing with share issues through the Invesdor crowdfunding platform will not only be able to benefit from Nordea’s expert financing services – they can also get a loan decision on the condition that the share issue is completed, or take a payment holiday to boost their growth.

- Raising financing by issuing shares and using Nordea’s services to improve their working capital give growth companies an opportunity to take their business to the next level, says Vesa Riihimäki, Head of Startup & Growth Finland at Nordea.

- Working on financing arrangements with several different parties is always complicated and time-consuming. We want to make this process a seamless experience for growth companies. Everybody wins when companies get to focus on their growth instead of their financing arrangements, says Invesdor’s CEO and co-founder Lasse Mäkelä.

The first company to benefit from this collaboration is Naava, the maker of smart air-purifying green walls named one of Europe’s 100 hottest startups by the Wired magazine.

- We have collaborated with Nordea ever since Naava was first founded. As our collaboration has proven very successful, it was natural for us to continue to work together with Invesdor crowdfunding. It has been crucial for us to have Nordea’s and Invesdor’s support on our way to our stock market debut, says Naava’s founder and CEO Aki Soudunsaari.

Teaming up to support young growth companies

The collaboration between Nordea and Invesdor is focused on startups and growth companies that are served by a dedicated Startup & Growth unit in Nordea. The unit’s lending portfolio amounts to more than EUR 280 million and it has more than 2,500 growth companies as customers. Experiencing robust growth, the unit currently holds a market share of approximately 75% in startups and growth companies in Finland.

- The role growth companies play in creating social well-being is significant these days. It is part of our corporate social responsibility as financial institutions to support the growth of these companies, says Vesa Riihimäki.

In addition to the wide-ranging and alternative financing solutions, the strength of Nordea’s Startup & Growth unit lies in the comprehensive international network available for finding investors and other collaboration partners to support growth. All Nordic countries have a local Startup & Growth unit.

For further information:

Lasse Mäkelä, CEO, Invesdor, tel +358 40 7533 844

Vesa Riihimäki, Head of Startup & Growth Finland, Nordea, tel +358 40 826 2009

Group Communications, Nordea, tel +358 9 4245 1006

Invesdor in brief

A financial technology (fintech) company founded in Finland in 2012, Invesdor operates an online investment platform that connects ambitious European growth companies with investors worldwide. Invesdor has helped raise more than 64 million euros for more than 130 businesses. Its clients include private and publicly traded companies from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the UK as well as investors from more than 80 countries. Invesdor has offices in Helsinki and Stockholm.


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