Connect with Nordea at Sibos 2016

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19.09.16 18:02 | Conferences and events

Nordea will be an active participant at this year’s Sibos conference in Geneva, Switzerland from 26-29 September 2016.

Please drop by our stand (E49) at any time to connect with our high-level delegation or come to one of the many sessions we are mediating or participating in. Please make your Nordea advisor aware if you would like to set up a meeting with any of our participants in Geneva. 

Nordea’s schedule at Sibos 2016

Immediate, open and context- the perfect storm payments 

Monday, 26 September, 09.00-10.00, Conference Room 5. Sibos Community Session (arranged by FIS).

Claus Richter, Head of CM Customer Solutions, panelist.  
This session will focus on the challenges and experiences of banks that are going ‘instant’ and/or embracing the new open world wishing to innovate towards Open and Context at the same time. 



Eagerly awaited: The first results from the global payments innovation initiative pilot  
Tuesday, 27 September, 09.30-10.15, Banking stream, SWIFT Auditorium session 2

Tomas Moberg, Cross Border Payment Solutions, panelist.     
Transforming words into action, 21 global transaction banks have upgraded their systems to pilot the global payments innovation initiative since February this year. They are now ready to share their experience and first results of that pilot. Join this session to hear from these early adopters and corporate customers about their exciting journey and how your bank can go live with this initiative as well.

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Where is the real-time payments business case?    
Thursday, 29 September, 10.15-11.15, Market Infrastructures track 

Christina Friberg, Cross Border Payment Solutions, speaker.    
The banking community feels increasing pressure to put 24/7 instant payments on the agenda. But the investment to adapt IT applications and infrastructures is substantial. So, the question remain the same - how to recover these costs? What is the business case to ‘go instant’? 

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Innotribe: Forward compatibility 
Thursday, 29 September, 09.30-11.15, Innotribe session

Patrik Havander, Head of Strategy & Communication, Transaction Banking, panelist.
Forward compatibility is a capability to plan ahead for gradual adoption by an ecosystem. This is about knowing HOW to get to the new/next destination: How do you rally the main stakeholders of the ecosystem into a rigorous system and process innovation? How do you bootstrap this new reality taking into account the network effects to be created and promoted in the new P2P reality?
Patrik Havander will also be the instigator for several Innotribe sessions. 


Towards a fully digitised economy - Why the Nordics are leading the race  
Thursday, September 29, 14.00-15.00, Conference Room 4. Sibos Community Session (arranged by FIS).

 ClausRichter, Head of CM Customer Solutions, panelist.
The Nordic societies are the most digitised in the world. Banks, businesses and the public sector are soon fully digitised. What are the key takeaways and how can other regions learn from the Nordics?