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Our Floor Plan Solution supports our customers’ competitiveness by streamlining the wholesale inventory management and release capital tied to the stock.

Floor plan solution means finance and management of customers’ wholesale inventory. The solution is aimed at large manufacturers, importers and dealers with a structured distribution network. The wholesale inventory shall consist of new objects that can easily be identified based on registration or serial numbers.


Our Floor Plan Solution offers you a range of services that help you to manage your stock efficiently and offer online wholesale finance across your dealer network. The solution will help you to:

  • Streamline and fully automate the stock funding process.
  • Increase liquidity and efficiency.
  • Reduce credit risk.
  • Monitor the dealer stock online.

Efficiency management of the inventory online

You and your dealers will be able to share the same information and your dealers will gain extensive functionalities that allow them to monitor and maintain the accounts online. Your dealer network will get easy access to comprehensive unit information and real time credit line information.