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Poya was born in Iran and came to Sweden when he was two
12.06.14 10:00 | Tutustu nordealaiseen

Besides working as a branch manager and participating in Retail Banking’s talent programme, Poya also supports grade nine students with their homework.

Already as a child, Poya learned from his parents that anything is possible. It was that mindset that also enabled him to embark on a swift career path at Nordea. 

After completing his University studies, Poya joined Nordea as a customer advisor at a branch in 2007. At his first interview, he was asked where he saw himself in five years’ time. Poya’s immediate response was: “I will be a branch manager.”

Thanks to Poya’s drive and determination, and with the support of his managers, he reached his goal of becoming a manager within three-and-a-half years.

Aspects of Nordea that Poya particularly appreciates are its personal development, training and career opportunities.

For him, in his capacity of manager, leadership is very much about living the company values, creating energy and being present, as well as assuming an active role in the team in order to attain business objectives and create commitment.

Today, Poya is a branch manager in Stockholm and is one of the participants in Nordea’s talent programme for Retail Banking. When talking to his manager about his own development, they came up with the idea of supporting young people with their homework.

Working with and supporting young people is an area about which Poya is passionate, and for him it is also a way of expanding his own network and learning from the students he meets.

Over the past year, Poya has been meeting grade nine students once a week to support them with their homework and help them with summer job applications.

They have also gone bowling together and – believe it or not – tried hip-hop dancing too.

Poya doesn’t see himself as a teacher, more as an adult role model and he is very pleased and proud about the feedback he has received from students, who have obtained better grades since they started working together.

poya student help

Once a week, Poya meets and supports 15-20 students with their homework.