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marte nordea markets
13.04.15 10:00 | Opiskelijat | Tutustu nordealaiseen

Meet Marte - one of our great students. Marte has been working as an Assistant Analyst at Global Macro in Nordea Markets, Norway. 

Marte, why did you apply for a job at Nordea?

I applied to Nordea mainly because I wanted to learn more about financial markets and institutions. Financial institutions are fascinating as they are hands-on and in the market.

I was, and still am, drawn by the environment at Nordea Markets. There is always a lot going on and you never really know what the day might bring. Nordea stood out among other banking institutions because of the vast amount of opportunities, both in Norway and elsewhere.

What were your expectations for the summer and were they fulfilled?

As this was my second summer in Nordea, I already knew that going back to full-time summer employment was going to be a blast. Fantastic experiences from last summer set high standards for both my part-time employment and this summer.  I have had a wonderful and busy summer full of new experiences, hard work, sunshine lunches and the best of colleagues.

What were your main tasks during the summer of 2014?

As an Assistant Analyst I assist the analyst in the macro team in Oslo by providing data, making graphs, doing analysis and help writing reports. Every morning I write a report on macroeconomics and financial developments which is publish online and sent to customers. In addition I also assist the other Nordic countries with Norwegian data.

My tasks offered a great opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge from the university in real-life situations, to learn more and to keep updated on economic trends. And last but not least to develop new interests within finance and economics.

What was the best thing during this summer?

The summer offered so many new experiences that it is difficult to point out one in particular. I have to mention at least two. The first was a 4-day seminar in June where I met macroeconomists from all over the world. Just imagine listening to some of the most talented economist in the world of banking discussing economic developments – it’s a true motivation boost for any student of economics.

Together with a colleague, I also arranged the Summer Academy for all summer interns at Nordea in Oslo. It was an event packed with workshops, presentations, several social events and a lot of networking with other summer interns and Nordea employees. This was an entirely new experience and something very different from what I normally do.

What are your plans for the future?

I am genuinely interested in macroeconomics and economic issues and hope to get the opportunity to work within a thriving and continuously developing company, with exciting and meaningful challenges also when I’ve finished my formal education.

My experiences from working at Nordea have encouraged and motivated me to continue in the field of macroeconomics. And I want to work abroad for a couple of years to expand my horizon and get different views on economic issues.

Do you have any tips for students in the process of applying for a job?

My experience with co-students is that there are so many talented students – but too few promote what they are good at and their unique talents to potential employers. I believe everyone should be aware of their strengths and weaknesses, how they can contribute and how they stand out from the rest.

I would encourage them to get in touch with companies, to ask questions and to show interest. As there are so many talents, you need to show that you love what you do and to demonstrate that extra drive.

Marte - brief facts

University:University of Oslo
Study programme:Economics, Major in macroeconomics
Role at Nordea:Assistant Analyst at Global Macro in Nordea Markets, Oslo
Previous Nordea experience:Part-time in Nordea Markets since April 2013 and full-time during summer 2013 and 2014