400 summer trainees in Finland

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Both Emmi-Karoliina and Nea consider Nordea to be a potential future employer.
29.10.15 8:00 | Kesätyöpaikat | Opiskelijat

Every year we welcome summer trainees to Nordea and this summer we had more than 400 trainees joining us in Finland.

As a summer trainee in Nordea, you have an opportunity to learn about the financial industry as you put your theoretical knowledge to the test. 

Here you meet Emmi-Karoliina and Nea who share their experiences from working as summer trainees in Trade Finance and Private Banking.

Both Emmi-Karoliina and Nea describe Nordea as a competent and reliable employer with a positive working atmosphere. During the summer, they have worked with a variety of tasks and responsibilities and Emmi-Karoliina says that she has been positively surprised by the many different career opportunities: 

"I have really learned a lot this summer about the diversified possibilities that Nordea offers me as an employee." 

"During the summer I got to use the skills I have learned during my studies and I have really enjoyed my summer here," says Nea and continues: "I aim at getting back to Nordea after my studies to continue to develop and learn more about the business." 

Farewell evening 

A traditional farewell event was held for the Finnish summer trainees at the end of the summer and over 150 trainees from the capital area gathered on a warm Friday evening to network and share experiences. Emmi-Karoliina and Nea were of course also at the event. 

"The atmosphere is relaxed at the farewell party and it is easy to talk to new people since we all share the experience of being summer trainees," says Nea and Emmi-Karoliina adds: "This event is a really good opportunity for us to get to know new people and talk to Nordea representatives."

Apply for summer job in 2016

The recruitment for summer jobs in Finland starts January 18 and ends February 14, 2016. Learn more about summer jobs in Finland (only in Finnish).