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25.02.16 12:42 | Tapahtuma | Opiskelijat | Kilpailu

We are proud to be a preferred partner to CBS Case Competition this year; one of the world’s most prestigious case competitions for students. 

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in Denmark is hosting CBS Case Competition for the fifteenth time and the competition takes place between February 29 and March 4.

12 teams, each representing a prestigious international university, are competing for the victory as they battle for 32 hours to present the best solution to a real-life business case from a Danish company.

In parallel, more than 200 teams from universities across Northern Europe will compete to solve the same business case, in the sub-competition called CBS Case Competition OPEN. 

David Hellemann, chef for Banking Danmark
David Hellemann

“We see huge potential of partnering with the CBS Case Competition as it gives us an opportunity to bridge our corporate world with the student society” says David Hellemann, Head of Banking Denmark: "We are proud to be a partner at the competition and it is definitely a unique event in line with our focus on attracting and developing highly motivated people."

Christian Clausen

Nordea is represented in the jury committee by Christian Clausen, Senior Advisor and former CEO at Nordea: “I personally think it is great to let students get a flavour of the real business life and test their ability to solve real-life business cases and at the same time we can all learn from the way this new generation thinks and create solutions. I truly look forward to be a part of the jury in CBS Case Competition and cannot wait to hear their solutions.”

Come and visit us March 1

As a preferred partner to CBS Case Competition, we will host a large event at CBS March 1 where you as a student are welcome to join us for an inspiring and interactive day. You will be greeted into a transformed CBS and experience the Nordea atmosphere through exciting competitions where you can try to Beat the Market with our interactive Trading Floor or test your knowledge within responsible investments. Furthermore, our specialised advisors for students will be ready to take care of your personal finances. 

We end the day with the presentation “Banking 2020: Strengthening relations in the digital era” between 15:00-16:00 in room Sp202 at Solbjerg Plads 3.  The speakers are Mads G. Jakobsen, Country Senior Executive in Denmark and member of Group Executive Management at Nordea as well as Christian Bornfeld, COO of Retail Banking.

Our participation in CBS Case Competition is driven by a Nordea team consisting of some of our talented graduates and young employees. We are all looking forward to meeting you during an exciting week at Copenhagen Business School!

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