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09.09.16 13:30 | Graduate-ohjelma | Rekrytointi | Opiskelijat

Are you an ambitious master student? Do you want to kick-start a great career in the financial industry? 

Then Nordea Graduate programme may be a perfect fit for you! 

We are currently looking for graduates to the Norwegian positions in the 2017 programme; learn more about the positions, needed qualifications and contact information in each job ad

Welcome with your application no later than September 18, 2016.

Exciting opportunities in Norway

We offer a wide variety of graduate opportunities across the Norwegian organisation in the 2017 programme:

  • Commercial and Business Banking 
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Corporate & Investment Banking
  • Corporate Strategy & Development
  • Customer Services/Customer experience
  • Operations in Retail Banking
  • Oslo Akershus Commercial Banking
  • Personal Banking Strategy and Development
  • Shipping, Offshore & Oil Services
  • Support & Test Team in Private Banking Operations
  • TALM Exposures

I’m interested; tell me more about the programme

Nordea Graduate programme is a talent programme where you are employed in a specific position matching your competencies, offering you real business impact from day one. You will be part of a global network of fellow graduates as well as join development opportunities supporting your transition from being a student to becoming a successful young professional.

You apply for a specific position in one of our business tracks and in parallel you participate in international seminars and regular meetings with a mentor. You get the best possible opportunity to create networks, engage with our senior business leaders and unfold your potential while increasing your personal awareness and business knowledge.

The minimum requirement as a graduate at Nordea is that you have a Master’s degree, a maximum of two years’ post-academic work experience, excellent English language skills and high potential. Specific recruitment criteria are further defined in each job ad.

Learn more about the Graduate programme, needed qualifications and how to apply

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