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Home computers and smartphones are making our customers increasingly connected, knowledgeable and empowered. They expect a personalised, convenient banking experience whenever and wherever they need it. It is our job to be fast and agile, delivering on our commitment to strong customer relationships.

Banking online and offline

As customers increasingly conduct their daily banking online, the number of people walking into our branches has dwindled. In the last three years, manual transactions have decreased by 15-20% annually and the trend continues. 

In spite of this trend, we believe maintaining a comprehensive branch network is important. We rank in the top three Nordic banks for branch locations per inhabitant across all Nordic countries.

While retaining a strong physical presence in the Nordic and Baltic countries, we are also strengthening our online channels to meet the needs of today’s on-the-go customers. We offer:

  • online banking services through Netbank (a user-friendly mobile bank application)
  • a 24-hour telephone contact centre
  • customer support through remote meetings with shared screens

Improving disability access

We are committed to ensuring customers with physical disabilities are able to access our banking services.

Most of our branches are wheelchair accessible, with service desks that can be raised or lowered for the customer’s convenience.

All our ATMs feature headphone jacks so that visually impaired customers can receive spoken guidance, and the keys on the keyboards have different physical guidance.

We have also developed a modified authentication process so that visually impaired customers can log in to online banking. These solutions are in place in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Improving web accessibility

Providing online banking services that are accessible to all our customers, regardless of their hardware, software, location, or physical ability is important to us. We are committed to meeting legal requirements and accessibility standards, such as the W3C’s accessibility guidelines. We design our mobile apps to take full advantage of each platform’s accessibility features.

We deliberately incorporate accessibility compliance into our corporate culture and employee development so that it becomes integrated into the everyday work of design and programming.

Listening to feedback

Customer feedback is the best way for us to understand our customers’ needs and desires and to learn more about our own performance. We receive feedback from a number of channels:

  • our annual customer satisfaction survey, which is analysed in detail for follow-up actions
  • questionnaires submitted after interactions with our Contact Centre, which allows our advisers to adjust services ‘in real time’
  • our Customer Ombudsmen, who liaise between consumer authorities, customers and employees in each of the Nordic countries, ensuring customer feedback reaches the relevant managers in the business
  • social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter