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A diverse and inclusive workplace - for you, for Nordea and for our customers 

In Nordea we believe in equality and value diversity. We know that we make more innovative decisions by getting a greater variation of perspectives. 

A diverse workforce consisting of different backgrounds, traits, experiences and ways of thinking increases our creativity and improves our performance. It builds a more stable and sustainable business and brings value to our people and to our customers.

An ongoing journey 

In 2013 we launched an initiative for gender balance in senior positions. Today 40% of all our leaders are women and when we recruit for managerial positions, we strive for both genders to be represented among the final three candidates. 

At Nordea we condemn all form of discrimination. We treat each other equally and fairly – regardless of sex, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, age, religion or other belief. Since 2003, we’ve annually assesed our employees’ perception of equal opportunities. 

All our people should feel that they can bring their whole selves to work and be respected. Together we foster an inclusive and healthy work environment.