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Nordea supports a diverse work force and does not discriminate based on gender, age, ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation or any other ground. This ambition is secured by including the aim for a diverse workforce in many of our internal policies which act as guidelines for day-to-day management.

Gender diversity

Gender balance is a particular challenge in financial services. Women constitute nearly 57% of Nordea’s workforce and 41% of leadership positions, but are still significantly under-represented in senior leadership positions.

Stepping up our efforts to address this situation is a high priority for several reasons. We believe that gender balanced leadership teams make better and more innovative business decisions, leading to improved business performance; thus, we miss out on opportunities by not fully utilising our internal talent pool. We are also aware that, when considering potential employers, talented young women are more likely to prefer companies that actively tackle diversity issues.

A Gender diversity programme has been put in place. The aim of the programme is to increase the amount of women in senior management. Specific targets have been set to achieve this and they are followed up annually.

A series of initiatives aimed at changing the culture and strengthening the pipeline of female managers include:

  • Setting requirements to improve gender balance
  • Clearly signaling that gender diversity is a priority - both internally and externally
  • Adding diversity modules in leadership training
  • Support dual career families - improved contact with employees on parental leave


To give an additional overview of our efforts in this area and why it is important to us, we have published a new brochure: Gender Diversity in Nordea (pdf, 164 KB).