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Leading from the heart, our purpose and values 

Nordea’s priority as an employer is to support its people and people leaders on the transformation journey, creating a high-performance culture, building a future-fit organisation and equipping our people with the skills they need for the future.

We believe that when our people feel good at work, we can best create a culture in which they can flourish and thrive, and we have full focus on continuously improving the physical, social and organisational work environment that promotes work-life balance and health.


Leading from heart, purpose and values – Our culture invites us to lead from the heart, purpose and values – the heart signifying the invitation to bring our full selves to work and to always connect our business decisions to our purpose and act in accordance with our values. By living our values of passion, collaboration, ownership and courage, we can build an adaptive and resilient culture with a customer-first mindset, which will put us ahead of our competitors and help us build an agile and resilient organisation.

Empowering our people to contribute, grow and thrive – Transforming Nordea also requires transforming how we lead – becoming more agile and less hierarchical means that we want everyone to step into leadership; leading ourselves, our peers, and the work we are responsible for. Leadership is about unlocking potential in ourselves, our teams, Nordea and society – guided by new leadership principles: We Lead From Within, We Enable Others, We Serve the Whole, We Create a Sustainable Impact and Everything is Learning. To vitalise these principles, they will be embedded in how we recruit, assess, develop, reward and promote leaders at Nordea.

Partnering for performance and learning

We want our people to feel safe, enabled and supported to feel ownership of their own contribution, growth and enjoyment. We expect our people leaders to create clarity, alignment and focus for their team to deliver our group-wide goals and to enable their team individually and collectively to continuously learn.

Inspired by the agile principles, we want to have a simpler and flatter organisation, faster decision-making processes and better communication. We provide people with great opportunities to learn from each other and continuously develop in their roles.