Use your savings to lower your carbon footprint

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27-06-18 14:21 | Environment | Responsible investment

According to calculations made by Nordea’s sustainable finance team, moving your pension savings to sustainable funds can be 27 times more efficient than the other four ways of reducing your carbon footprint. This means that if you follow the first four recommendations below, but leave your savings unchanged, it will take 27 years longer to achieve the same effect.

The activities are based on Swedish habits with statistics from Statistiska centralbyrån (SCB) and surveys. Savings is based on the average contribution to the premium pension per person over a working lifetime of 42 years. The average annual return on premium pension savings has been used. The effect of compounding becomes substantial over time which means that your carbon footprint from savings is very large at the end of the time period. In other words, the more you save, the higher the climate impact.

All the figures are calculated by Nordea and estimates how much such a person may impact the climate through choice of lifestyle vis-à-vis choice of investment for his or her pension savings.

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