Nordea wins CSR prize

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Jenny Fransson, Group Sustainable Finance
31-10-19 13:39 | Reports and data | Our work

The Danish economic newsletter Økonomisk Ugebrev Ledelse has analysed and evaluated a total of 100 Danish companies’ CSR reports. The best one by far comes from Nordea.

Every year the Danish economic newsletter Økonomisk Ugebrev Ledelse names the Danish company that has delivered the best report on its performance in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – that is, the company's work to integrate social and environmental considerations into its business activities. 

And after having scrutinised 100 Danish companies’ CSR reports, it was clear that the top score should be awarded to Nordea. In fact, we got maximum scores in all the nine parameters that the newsletter has formulated.  

 “We are very happy for the acknowledgement of the content in our sustainability report. We are always striving to improve our report to provide the best insights into how we work with social and environmental factors in our strategy and daily work at Nordea.” Says Jenny Fransson, Nordea’s sustainability reporting expert and responsible for the report.

Praise for our solid fact book

Nordea's top ranking this year is particularly thanks to two factors: In our latest report – Nordea's Sustainability Report – published in February this year, we launched new initiatives in the form of a solid fact book for ESG key figures and information about short-term and long-term targets.

One of reasons cited by Økonomisk Ugebrev Ledelse is that: “Nordea has for several years distinguished itself as one of the world's leading major banks in terms of sustainability initiatives. This is the case for the bank's internal CSR strategy as well as its products – for example the STAR funds that have achieved a strong market profile.”

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