Meet Suvi; one of our great students

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02-01-15 10:00 | Student | Møt en Nordea-profil | Graduate

Here is a short interview with Suvi - one of our great students. Suvi has been working as a graduate & management trainee in Retail Banking, Finland. 

Suvi, why did you apply for a job at Nordea?

From the beginning of my studies, Nordea has been on my list of ideal employers. Since Nordea is the leading bank in the Nordic countries and I also appreciate the company values, I wanted to work here someday.

I had heard a lot of good things about Nordea’s Graduate programme and when I finished my studies, I decided to send an application.

The programme offers great opportunities to challenge myself, with focus on both my personal and professional development – what could be a better way to start my career?

What were your expectations for the summer and were they fulfilled?

I expected to get to know the business, the people and the branch network as well as getting an overall understanding of Retail Banking. This has been my first experience of working in the banking industry and I must say that my expectations have been met.

What were your main tasks during the summer of 2014?

My main responsibilities included training and preparing for the Graduate programme. Over the summer I participated in several different training sessions, worked as a service adviser and visited the Contact Centre to get another perspective on my work. I also participated in a number of projects.

What was the best thing during this summer?

I have met so many great people and I have felt very welcome. I got a chance to meet a lot of new colleagues, take part in many interesting training sessions and develop my skills. I also appreciated the on-the-job training as a service adviser.

What are your plans for the future?

I am now focusing on my new role as a graduate in Nordea where I will gain experience from a wide field of banking. My goal is to create a network and focus on my professional development by increasing my business knowledge and see where that leads me.

How was the recruitment process for the Graduate programme?

The recruitment process started in early spring and consisted of different ability tests and interviews. I lived up to the requirements of having a Master’s degree and high potential. Also, I showed a good attitude and willingness to take on responsibility and challenges. I got the news that I was hired at the beginning of April and started working in June.

Do you have any tips for students in the process of applying for a job?

Believe in yourself and don’t give up! Make sure that you know why you are applying for the position – and why YOU are the best choice! And remember to smile and be open-minded.

Suvi - brief facts

University:Aalto University School of Business
Study programme:Management & International Business
Role at Nordea:Graduate & management trainee in Retail Banking, Helsinki