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08-01-16 11:30 | Møt en Nordea-profil

Kristine, who joined the Nordea team in August 2014, tells us about her background and experience from working as an IT Security Specialist at Nordea. She also shares some of her tips when it comes to career planning.

What do you do as an IT Security Specialist?

I work in Threat Management, a unit within IT Security Operations, where we focus on security risks and threats. A normal work day for me includes a variety of tasks, like e.g. working with security evaluations of changes in firewalls, threat reporting, following up on baseline implementation as well as keeping continues dialogues with vendors and external partners.

What is your background?

I joined Nordea and the Threat Management team in August 2014 and my first task was to participate in a new project called ‘SANS top 20 security controls’. We looked into a framework for good practise of cyber defence and looking back at that very first experience of working in Nordea; I believe it was a really good start of my career.

I am also a Nordea Ambassador and in this capacity I represent IT at different career events; it is a great way to reach out and talk to people who are interested in Nordea, particularly those who want to know what it’s like to work within IT.

Since I got my job offer when I was writing my master thesis; I joined Nordea just after I graduated from the university. 

Why did you decide to join Nordea?

During my master thesis in cryptography I came to realise that I wanted to work with security, and as one of Europe’s greatest bank; I knew that Nordea has a high focus on IT security. For me, it is an interesting and constantly changing area to work in, and I was also tempted by the opportunity to be part of protecting the Nordea brand.

What is a “Great day at work” for you?

A great day at work is a day with various tasks. I am always performing a little bit better when the workload is high. I enjoy contributing to our monthly threat report since that is also a task that gives me a great opportunity to keep updated. Since I am a mathematician, I find it interesting to deliver the report since it includes work with statistics. 

I feel very lucky to work in a challenging and changing field where there is always something new to learn. 

Do you have any advice regarding career planning?

As a student, it may be difficult to know what you want to do with the rest of your life. But try to be patient; it is not necessary to decide your entire future there and then. My advice would be to do something you like and something you are good at, this way you will always do your best and reach your goals. 

I would also recommend a career within IT security. With all the digitalization there is a need for IT security both now and it in the future.

Brief facts about Kristine

Title:IT Security Specialist at Threat Management, Nordea
Lives:In Oslo
Education:Master in mathematics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology

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