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25-02-16 13:48 | Møt en Nordea-profil

Lars works as a Management Partner to the head of Products and Application. 

In this interview Lars shares his background and career path as well as some of his best career tips.

What do you do as Management Partner? 

I am Management Partner to the head of Products and Applications and we are a Nordic product unit for account and deposit products within Retail Banking Operations. In my role I work on a variety of activities such as doing strategic planning and analysis while also being responsible for the quarterly overview report to the head of Operations. 

As I am a Nordic contact person I also work with stakeholder management and coordinate projects within our organisation. My days often consist of facilitating meetings and workshops as well as working with internal and external communication. 

What is your background?

I joined Nordea via the Finnish internship ‘Future Finance Professionals programme’ in Nordea Markets and after that I was employed and selected for the Nordea Graduate programme. The latter was a great opportunity for me to network and meet colleagues and getting friends across the whole Nordea group.

Nordea has been able to offer me a great deal of different opportunities within different areas, which has given me a broad understanding of the company. It has been a pleasure and a great learning experience to work as e.g. a Capital Analyst in Group Asset and Liability Management as well as working with development of Markets middle-office before I started my current job.

Why did you decide to join Nordea?

Joining Nordea was for me something of a coincidence and more relevant is why I have decided to stay. As I said earlier; Nordea offers a wide range of opportunities and you are allowed to challenge yourself continuously – something that I appreciate. 

It is also very interesting to be part of the change Nordea is undergoing with the simplification programme and digitalisation initiatives. Not to forget the impact of changes in the regulatory landscape and digitalisation of the industry.

I have also been lucky in terms of the colleagues I have had the chance to work with over the years.

What is a “Great day at work” for you?

A great day at work is when you learn something for life, or when you are able to contribute to something bigger than you. Often, as part of a group of motivated colleagues, you can together come up with results far beyond what any of you could have done on your own; while at the same time learn from the experience of others.

What do you think you will be doing in 1-3 years’ time from now? 

I want to keep my options open. However, I can say I am interested in living and working abroad at some point in my career. 

Do you have any advice regarding career planning?

My advice is to be curious and use the opportunities an employer has to offer. For example; Nordea is a large financial services group, and with all its business areas and functions you can find new and interesting opportunities from time to time. You will be kept on your toes, continuously having a steep learning curve. At the same time Nordea also benefits from rotation and information sharing of best practices from around the organisation. In addition there are programmes and courses, but where you learn most is by challenging yourself in your daily work. Take advantage of what the employer has to offer you! 

Brief facts about Lars

Title:Management Partner to the head of Products and Application
Lives:In Helsinki
Education:Technical Physics and Mathematics, Master of Science in Technology from Aalto University

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