Meet our graduates Anders, Ezgi and Kia

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28-12-16 13:00 | Graduate | Rekruttering | Møt en Nordea-profil | Student

We are looking for the brightest minds of your generation to join the Nordea Graduate programme in 2017. 

Here you’ll meet Anders, Ezgi and Kia; three of our graduates who share some insights and career tips.

Meet Anders

"The responsibility is quite big, and I like it."

Anders currently works as a Branch Manager at Nordea Panorama Premium Branch and he participated in the Graduate programme 2014-2015.

In his vlog we get to know a bit more about his career and he also shares some of his best career tips (video 2:53 min.).

Meet Ezgi

"I'm very interested in the digitalisation process of the banking industry."

Ezgi works as a data analyst for Nordea Pay and is currently also a graduate. 

After graduating from Aalto University, she decided to join Nordea to get a first-hand experience of our transformation journey. 

Here is her story (video 1:29 min.).

Meet Kia

"The ability to meet new people on a Nordic and local level is priceless."

Kia is a former graduate and today she works as Management Support officer at Business Banking Finland. 

In Kia's vlog, we get to know some of the benefits of being a graduate (video 1:49 min.)

Apply now!

We offer more than 200 graduate positions, ranging from business and finance roles all the way to hard-core code-cracking in IT/Tech and expert roles within risk and compliance. You find all vacant graduate positions on our job pages and each job ad contains information about the position, its location, needed qualifications and application date. 

With your engagement and knowledge, we will shape the future together! Learn more about the programme on

We look forward to receiving your application!

The vlogs are created in cooperation with our partner KY – Aalto University Business Students. To learn more about this student association, visit their website (external link).

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