Nordea Asset Management once again recognized for the best responsible investments process in Europe

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19-11-15 11:00 | Responsible investment

For the second year running the international publication, Capital Finance International (CFI), has awarded Nordea Asset Management for our approach to ESG-driven investment models.

Responsibility and care for the common good are no longer desirable add-ons to the investment process. Investors increasingly demand their funds to be used in responsible ways while still delivering top-class results.

Nordea is one of the leading banks in Europe when it comes to developing the concept of Responsible Investments (RI), and our asset management division has developed a winning investment formula that incorporates the full spectrum of environmental, social and governance (ESG) parameters. This way, ESG is relocated to the very basis of all investments that we make.

Remarks from the jury
Our approach to the implementation of ESG-driven investment models has once again impressed the judging panel: 

‘The bank has consistently been at the forefront or Responsible Investing and has regularly taken the lead, showing the way towards a more sustainable way of managing money and obtaining consistently healthy returns. For the second year running, the judges are unanimous in handing Nordea Asset Management the Best ESG Investment Process Europe Award.

Nordea Asset Management has also gained a formidable reputation for its shareholder activism. Companies in which the bank has a stake are continuously monitored on their ESG performance. Should issues occur, the bank proactively offers solutions, encourages the adoption of improved corporate processes, and may even lend a helping hand in addressing potentially problematic situations’.

We are of course pleased and proud that leading experts in our industry have recognized our work and our investment models.

You can learn more about our approach to Responsible Investment and ESG analysis by following Sasja Beslik, Nordea Asset Management's Head of Responsible Investments, on Twitter.

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