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The FX autopilot that frees up your time 

AutoFX is a rule-based solution that automates your FX handling. By putting it into autopilot mode, AutoFX will free you from manually monitoring your currency account balances and FX transactions.


Key Benefits

  • Free up resources and eliminate manual tasks
  • Minimise operational risk and human error
  • Manage FX risk in close to real-time
  • Reduce interest cost by monitoring automatically and topping up of negative balances 
  • Easy to implement and update settings

How AutoFX can help you

AutoFX comes equipped with features to help FX handling and account balance monitoring, including: 

Cross-currency Sweeping and Topping

AutoFX automates the transfer of currency balances and the related FX conversions. Sweeping empties positive foreign currency account balances to your home currency and Topping tops negative foreign currency account balances for you.

AutoFX allows you to define variables such as the minimum balances on these accounts and the time intervals for account emptying.

Automated cash flow and Liquidity Management

If you have flows in multiple currencies, Liquidity Management automates the execution of overnight FX swaps. This effectively eliminates negative balances in foreign currency accounts, while minimising interest payments caused by overdrafts.

Full system API Integration

An integration of your enterprise system with our REST API allows you to manage FX risk in real-time. It also enables you to provide guaranteed multi-currency rates in your e-commerce webshop or checkout process.

We are here to help you get started

Activating AutoFX is easy. All you need to do is contact us, set the rules according to your FX policy and we will activate the service for you. 

Please note that AutoFX is not suitable for customers looking to speculate or to take an active view in the FX market.

For more information, please contact your Nordea Cash Management Advisor or FX Sales Manager, or read more in our product material. 

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Award winning service 

The AutoFX solution was granted an award for Product Innovation in Global Finance’s The Innovators awards for 2017.