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Simplified cash flow forecasting with Trezone®

With Trezone’s automated processing, payment netting and real-time visibility, you can quickly increase your control of liquidity management and improve your forecasting abilities. Trezone is a business-to-treasury (B2T) multicurrency solution that includes short term (daily), medium term (weekly) and long term (monthly) cash flow forecasts. It also provides monthly level currency position and the means for managing your bank accounts globally.

Five ways Trezone can optimise your treasury and cash management

Reducing manual work
Trezone is web-based, modular and easy to implement. It eliminates the need for manual reporting and consolidation of treasury-related information – and with all your treasury-related processes online, both business units and treasuries can forget about spreadsheets, phone calls and manual consolidation of data.

Cash Flow Forecasting
Trezone allows you constant control and visibility of global cash forecast and bank account balances, helping you to reduce idle cash and optimise your working capital. It also automatically calculates currency at risk and hedging requirements. Combined with the Trezone Dealing functionality, you can manage your hedging process end-to-end.

Intra-company currency dealing and funding
With Trezone you can centralise control over subsidiary dealing and funding, which can improve your control over financial risk management. You can benefit from online deal status visibility of all counterparties, constant visibility of global currency positions and maturing deals. STP to e-Markets simplifies external dealing and intra-company pricing process.

Cost-effective netting
Easy and cost-effective netting allows you to drastically reduce the number of intra-company payments and transactions, maintain constant visibility into the calculation throughout the netting cycle, net your currency deals and optimise your liquidity.

Guarantee Management
Whether your internal guarantee handling is centralised or decentralised, Trezone can help you reduce physical document management, enable speedy processing of authorisations and handling, and eliminate manual work in producing reports of, for instance, limit usage and outstanding liabilities. You will also have easy access to an audit trail and a complete historical archive of all liabilities.