Optimise your accounts

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Bank account optimisation

Account optimisation 

Simplification and optimisation of your cross-border, multi-bank bank account structure can hold many advantages for you – from increased internal administrative efficiency to a reduction in external financing needs and improvements in cash visibility. 

We know from our experience that corporate customers deal with varying levels of bank account complexity, specific local and global market needs and individual industry and company requirements. This experience allows us to bring our best practices to your cash management account set up.


Nordea can help you overcome challenges such as:

  • Unconsolidated account structure and unnecessary accounts

  • Lack of cash visibility due to many bank accounts in multiple countries and currencies, which leads to unnecessary amounts of idle cash

  • High costs from related administration of bank accounts

  • Inefficient use of internal administrative resources 

  • Unnecessary foreign currency exposures

  • Short term financing costs

  • Paying large interest spreads due to lack of netting out account balances
We also know a non-optimised account structure means a negative impact on availability of working capital, poor liquidity management and difficulties in cash forecasting, issues we address in detail on our liquidity management and cash forecasting page.

Talk to us about Global Cash Pool and other solutions

Your cash management advisor at Nordea can give you the best strategic advice regarding your accounts and how best to optimise your setup with customised solutions. One of our key solutions to help consolidate your bank account setup is Global Cash Pool, which is a balance netting cash concentration solution for real-time cross-border, multi-currency cash pooling. Global Cash Pool is available through Nordea’s secure and reliable Corporate Netbank electronic banking portal.

Find out more on the Global Cash Pool page or contact your Nordea cash management advisor for more information.  

Watch an overview of Global Cash Pool