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Trade Finance

Know the risks and secure your trade

International trade is often more risky than domestic trade. Some risks can be introduced through the larger distances between trading partners, while others might be associated with cultural differences or variations in political and economic environments. National and international regulations can further complicate matters.

As the leading trade finance bank in the Nordic region, we know how to help you succeed in international trade. At Nordea, we believe in working closely with our customers, getting to understand your business and helping you minimise your exposure to risks. Our comprehensive portfolio of trade finance products, allied to our unrivaled knowledge of global trade, helps you trade internationally with confidence.

Types of risk

Trading partners potentially face many different types of risk. We typically consider these risks in three broad categories:

  1. Commercial risk: Nordea can work with you to identify how reliable your trading partners are and to evaluate the possible risks of insolvency or unwillingness to pay. We can also advise on payment methods that can mitigate some of these risks. We have a range of financial trade instruments that can help you manage risks in importing and exporting.

  2. Political risk: Because we operate in the major financial centers across the world, we diligently track political and economic circumstances. If import or export regulations change, we’ll keep you informed.

  3. Currency risk:  Exchange rates can fluctuate significantly over time. That in turn can affect the value of your foreign trades. Nordea offers a range of foreign exchange tools that can reduce your exposure to currency fluctuations. 

How does risk management work?

How guarantees, FX agreements and collections can help manage risks in a typical international transaction.