Vår Ambition

Den här sidan finns inte på ditt språk, därför visas den engelska sidan.

Together with customers and partners, Nordea enables the transition to a sustainable future

We are constantly facing global challenges and the implications of this for our business, that is why we have to integrate ESG aspects across our entire operations. 

In our capacity of a major bank and through the choices we make, and by engaging customers, shareholders and other stakeholders, Nordea enables the transition to a sustainable future. 

Enabled by sustainable finance, Nordea adapts to changes in the business environment – in demand, expectations and opportunities – to become increasingly digitalised and climate-friendly. We mitigate risks related to ESG, financial crime, credit losses, reputation and an uncertain future. We engage customers, stakeholders and society in driving change to increase understanding of sustainability issues, provide information and take action for a better future. We do so by integrating sustainability throughout the bank, into our products and processes in our core areas of investment, financing and advice. We strive to enable all our customers, shareholders and other stakeholders to make the right choices for a sustainable future. 

By acting for and on behalf of our clients, we can contribute to economic growth and prosperity, through capital allocation and interaction with companies. This is not only a business opportunity, but part of our fiduciary responsibility.

Learn more about in our Sustainable finance at Nordea brochure (pdf, 667 KB)