International ESG recognition to Asset Management

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17-02-10 13:26 | Responsible investment

Nordea Asset Management has just been acknowledged for the on-going work with ESG and responsible investments.

In the latest Independent Research in Responsible Investment survey (IRRI),Nordea Asset Management was named as the best asset manager to use Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) and Corporate Responsibility research.

- We are very proud of the result, which recognizes and confirms that we are both skilled and consistent in our efforts to integrate ESG research in our investment processes, says Katarina Hammer – co-head of the Responsible Investment team.

To make a great day even better, Nordea Asset Management also came in second place in the category ‘Which asset managers contribute most to the wider SRI debate’.1,363 analysts, portfolio managers, Corporate & Social Responsibility and Investor Relations managers from 704 firms participated in the survey.

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