300 new Nordea ambassadors

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Ambassador event Sthlm 2014
From the ambassador training event in Stockholm
14-10-24 9:00 | Evenemang

This autumn close to 300 ambassadors have attended Nordea ambassador training. They represent a wide mix of profiles; ranging from generalists to specialists, managers to employees and from those who are in the start of their career to those who are senior. 

You will most certainly meet one or more of our ambassadors when you attend a career event hosted by Nordea.

All ambassadors have signed up for attending a couple of activities per year where they will represent Nordea at career fairs and workshops, at company presentations and profile interviews etc. The idea is that our ambassadors share their own career story, values and experiences and by that add value for people who are interested in joining Nordea.

In the beginning of autumn, the ambassadors met for a training event  in each Nordic capital to learn how to prepare for upcoming activities. They will also be invited to online meetings with different themes and a networking event to share experiences with each other as well as meet new contacts.

Visit Nordea’s event calendar to find the next career event where you can meet our business representatives and ambassadors.