Viktor is on a fast track to a career within business development

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  • Viktor is on a fast track to a career within business development
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Summer of Innovation
Viktor together with his colleagues in the Finnish 2016-team: Kerkko, Tommi, Juho and Sifo
17-02-01 9:15 | Student | Rekrytering | Sommarjobb

Bring your energy and ideas to us this summer. We invite you to join us for six exciting, innovative and developing weeks in either Helsinki or Stockholm.  

Here you will meet Viktor, who will share some first-hand knowledge from his experience with the Summer of Innovation programme in 2016. Viktor will tell you how the programme gave him a unique opportunity to contribute his skills and develop his expertise.

Tell me more about the Summer of Innovation! 

The Summer of Innovation programme provides you with hands-on training on how to perform a sprint, from idea mapping to prototype-testing of real cases. Participating in the programme can kick start your career - just look at Viktor! In less than six months, Viktor has gone from being a summer intern to being a product owner of a new developer portal developed in Nordea’s Open Banking initiative. Viktor has also been accepted to the Nordea Graduate programme.

“My daily work today involves creating Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) documentation, exploring test environments and APIs, and designing the community aspects of Open Banking. As I see innovation as necessary and relevant, I really appreciated that the Summer of Innovation allowed for us to utilize each other’s strengths and work as a team, regardless of background. I liked that we used various approaches such as sprints, customer interviews and ongoing validation, and that I could continue developing my ideas even when the programme was over,” says Viktor.

Viktor was one of five talented students that were selected to join Nordea’s Business Innovation unit in Helsinki for a pop-up innovation lab during the summer of 2016. With a strong entrepreneurial calling, he was interested in fast and disruptive ways of creating new products and eager to try out Google Venture’s 1-week prototyping methodology. Each week during the programme, his team was given a new challenge which they had to develop into an innovative solution.

“It was fun and challenging, definitely not a normal summer job. We worked with relevant areas that were strategically important for Nordea and this opened doors, taking me to other opportunities. I am glad that I stayed in contact with the participants and decided to continue my work here. My experience is that banks are very receptive to feedback and new technologies so my advice is: Don’t limit yourself! I encourage you to be completely open, work with your creative ideas and put them out there. You never know what can come!” says Viktor.

We are looking forward to your application

If you are a team player who enjoys working in diverse teams, and you thrive in an innovative environment where focus is put on finding solutions, then you should apply for this year’s Summer of Innovation! 

It’s easy to apply for the job. Simply visit the job ad, click the apply-button and fill in the form.

Please send your application no later than 19 February, 2017.

Short facts about Nordea Summer of Innovation programme 

  • The Google Venture 1- week prototyping methodology will be utilized for the sprint work.
  • Each week, the teams are given a new challenge to solve and will pitch a solution at the end of each week.
  • We offer 10 positions (5 in each country) to students with different backgrounds.
  • The programme runs for six weeks between 5 June – 14 July in Helsinki and Stockholm.
  • Application period: 27 Jan. – 19 Feb. 2017.
  • Salary: Yes.

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