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Agile work

What can agile look like?

Whether you are working in Tech, Business Development, Finance or Compliance – as a leader or a specialist – it starts with you. Your mindset, innovative ideas and passion for delivering value will be our joint strength. That’s why we see great potential in the agile way of working.

Take a peek inside our world, and dig deeper into what agile looks like in Nordea.

Working in cross-functional hubs

We want to become more innovative and be able to develop customer value faster. That’s why we see great potential in the agile way of working.

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A typical day in an agile team 

Step inside Wholesale Banking and meet one of the agile teams working together on supporting the bank’s trading system. This cross-functional team works in 3-week sprints and consists of a Product Owner, a Scrum Master, IT Developers, IT Analysts and Business Analysts. 

12 weeks

Every morning..

"...we meet online around a digital board for 15 minutes to talk about individual progress, impediments, and today’s plan. When we start a new sprint, the requirements are ready and we plan together in the team what we need to do in order to get there"
Weifeng, IT Developer

This way of working..

"...enables us to be more flexible, adapt quickly to changes and communicate more efficiently between IT and Business. After every sprint, we look back and ask ourselves, ‘What can be better? What value have we added? What can we cut?’ Then we plan for the next sprint"
Bo, Senior IT Developer

Ready. Set. Sprint
Ready. Set. Sprint
Post It

What’s with all the post-its?

When visiting one of our agile teams, the first thing you will often see is a great amount of multi-coloured post-its on walls, boards and floors

“We use post-its to visually break our projects into smaller tasks and to get an overview of the issues we need to fix. This makes it much easier to see where we are heading, my own role and what my colleagues are working on. A lot of the post-its are written as customer statements like, ‘As a customer, I want to…’ Using the words of the customers and approaching tasks from their point of view allows us to focus on how we can best help our customers in their everyday lives”
Jette, Senior Business Developer

What does working agile mean to you?

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Step inside the daily banking hub

Step inside the daily banking hub

Our agile teams in the Daily Banking Hub are working towards delivering the best mobile experience for customers. The teams are currently developing new mobile banking apps for all Nordic countries with all competencies needed by bringing business colleagues, technology specialists and designers together in the same hub.

“We want to create customer-centric digital solutions which allow our customers to manage their daily finances – anywhere, anytime – in a super easy manner. We test our solutions in the market ongoingly and adjust our goals accordingly. Having all the needed competencies in one place is a great advantage in this development work, as it enables us to work closer together, deliver faster and react quickly to deliver the best solutions to our customers”
Ignacio, Hub Lead

Think big. Act small.
Think big. Act small.

Above all, agile is about listening to our customers

Hear Marte envision how agile ways of working will enable us to stay close to our customers and integrate their feedback into everything we do.

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Working this way.. 

"...we deliver more value to the customer faster. Teams are dedicated and empowered to take decisions themselves. Testing and iterative deliveries are part of the culture. It is really energising, unfolds potential and creates great learning opportunities for all!” 

Elen, Hub Lead

The best thing about working agile..

"...is that we manage to increase transparency in the organisation. We run Demo Days to gather feedback on the deliveries and to pick up on dependencies or opportunities. This is then fed back to the developer of that feature." 

Madeleine, Business Developer


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