Vår resa mot en agil bank

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Changing customer needs calls for new ways of working

Reinventing banking for the future means finding new ways to quickly respond to our customers’ changing needs and expectations, to listen to their feedback, learn and adjust along the way. That’s why we are now increasing our focus on agile ways of working all over Nordea.   

We are building small entrepreneurial agile teams inside our business development and IT organisation, inspired by the start-up environment. Our ambition is to set up each agile team with the skills and decision power needed to develop faster and better solutions for our customers.

A glance into our agile approach

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Why we are stepping up our agile game

We want to become more innovative and be able to develop customer value faster. That’s why we see great potential in the agile way of working. 

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What does agile mean to us

It’s about collaboration and empowerment 

In our agile set up, several smaller teams work together towards a shared business purpose. Building on principles from the SAFe (Scaled Agile framework), teams plan and work in sprints, releasing solutions as soon as real value to customers is identified. We call it “minimum viable product.” Each team will have all the skills needed and will be empowered to make decisions as an autonomous team

Start-up vibes
 and learning culture 

Inspired by the start-up environment, we aim to create a set up where we innovate, test out the first version, learn and adjust along the way. Working end-to-end the way agile promotes helps us avoid time-consuming handovers, allows us to align our priorities and enables us to keep the momentum.

Transparency, speed and engagement

Teams work closely together, have daily gatherings to visualise tasks, align, prioritise and solve any upcoming issues. If something doesn’t work, this is brought to the surface at an early stage and the team is then able to adjust its approach. This way of working drives engagement, creates transparency and helps simplify many of our processes.

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I think our agile setup...  

"...provides a powerful framework for planning and running daily work together. It’s a huge learning machine where we accept that we don't know everything at the beginning and learn rapidly as we go."

Janne, People Leader

From a corporate mindset to start op mentality

Creative spaces for innovative minds

Take a peek inside our premises with space for collaboration, creativity or reflection.



5 ways agile makes your day

Different competencies brought together into one team  
An empowered learning environment where we innovate, try and adjust 
Expanding our skills and competencies
Seeing the results of our efforts quicker
Knowing where we’re going and how it’s going

For me agile is...

“...about bringing together people with different backgrounds and skillsets, working for one common goal. Empowering teams to take full responsibility of the work they are doing, learning and changing the plans together. It brings different agile teams closer to each other and make it easier to manage dependencies in large corporation.” 

Susanna, Product Owner


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