LEI Codes

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Nordea’s Legal Entity Identifier code (LEI):

LEI codeWhen is the code valid?
Nordea Bank AB6SCPQ280AI Y8EP3XFW53

Until further notice

Nordea Bank Finland PlcCXW2O4H2U3 MBVXMY1773Until 31th December 2016
Nordea Bank AB (publ), Finnish Branch6SCPQ280AI Y8EP3XFW53From 1st January 2017
Nordea Bank Danmark A/S549300LX0Y IEPRTY0Z32Until 31st December 2016
Nordea Danmark, filial af Nordea Bank AB (publ), Sverige6SCPQ280AI Y8EP3XFW53From 1st January 2017
Nordea Bank Norge ASA8UFQZZDNYQ PXONCJED72Until 31st December 2016
Norde Bank AB (publ), filial i Norge6SCPQ280AI Y8EP3XFW53From 1st January 2017

Please be aware that the Nordea Bank Finland Plc, Nordea Bank Danmark A/S and Nordea Bank Norge ASA will change LEI codes 1st January 2017 due to a change in the legal structure. After 1st January 2017 the LEI code of Nordea Bank AB will be the only valid LEI code to be used for Nordea Bank AB and the branches of Nordea Bank AB.

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