New Nordea Connect website launched

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20-10-14 10:20 | Product updates

A new and enhanced Nordea Connect website has now been launched to improve the user experience, provide clear messaging and inspire visitors to sign up for the online payment platform. A distinctive look and feel aims to help Nordea Connect stand out in an exciting marketplace. 

After a long period of refinement and development, a new Nordea Connect website has now been launched. provides a stylish digital showcase for presenting Nordea Connect in an easy and visually appealing way, taking a customer orientated approach with relevant and compelling messages.

Alexandra Wiseman, Senior Business Developer at Nordea Connect, says: “We are delighted that the new Nordea Connect website is now live. As our interactions with potential customers take place largely online, we know what an important channel the website provides. This is where many people experience Nordea Connect for the first time so it’s critical that we meet them with a super cool highly professional website. It’s a big leap forward in improving the perception of Nordea Connect and is something that everyone can be proud of.” 

Finding what works

Following feedback from the previous Nordea Connect website, the new site now includes much clearer information about the product, its different offerings and how they work. 

Taking a user-centric approach, all of the material on the website has been adapted to simplify and explain each step required in the journey to get started with Nordea Connect. This includes descriptions of unique features, the payment methods on offer and how to get started with a trial account. 

Carolina Machado, Senior Marketing Partner, says: “We are excited that visitors will experience a distinct visual style that is as good as anything presented by other leading e-commerce players out there.”

Let's connect online

Another important feature designed to help visitors to the site is a brand new knowledge hub which includes e-commerce tips and tricks, case stories and other essential advice. The goal is to continue to add content over time to share knowledge on topics such as starting out in e-com, increasing conversion rates, building customer loyalty, etc.

The new website is now officially live and ideal for small and medium sized companies that want to learn more about Nordea Connect and apply for the solution directly on the site. Large corporate companies will also be directed to the site in order to access the technical documentation and plugins required to get started with Nordea Connect.

Troels Asmussen, Product Manager of, says: “We now have one great place where our potential customers can find out about the service, learn more about e-commerce, try out the solution for themselves in a sandbox environment and actually get started or make an application for more information. There are also other self-service elements such as a Q&A and onboarding and technical documents. Everything they need is in one place and the process will soon be  fully automated.”

Check out the new website at

If you have any questions, please write to Troels Asmussen at , Carolina Machado at or Alexandra Wiseman at .


Nordea Connect is a PSP (Payment Service Provider) checkout solution that can be easily integrated with the most common web shops, providing access to all of the Nordic payment types on one platform. The solution directly connects business owners to the full value chain of Nordea’s solutions and advisory services.