Corporate Netbank support

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Corporate Netbank provides easy and secure access to a wide variety of banking services. To see Contact details see below, to see information on blocking and unblocking your pin click here.

Contact details and blocking service


Telephone numberBanking hours

(+45) 70 33 65 00


Monday - Friday08.00 - 17.00

Support is closed on bank holidays, Friday after Ascension Day, 24 December and 31 December.

Blocking serviceBanking hours
(+45) 33 33 22 49Outside the service hours of Corporate Netbank Support.


Telephone numbersBanking hours
(+358) 200 67210 (Finnish)*Monday - Friday 

08.00 - 18.00 

(+358) 200 67220 (Swedish)*Monday - Friday 09.00 - 16.30
(+358) 200 67230 (English)*Monday - Friday 

09.00 - 18.00 

*) Local network charge/mobile call charge or international call charge
Blocking serviceBanking hours
(+358) 20 333Outside the service hours of Corporate Netbank Support.


Telephone numberBanking hours
(+47) 232 06002 – choice 3Monday - Friday08.00 - 17.00
Blocking serviceBanking hours
(+47) 232 06002 – choice 3Outside the service hours of Corporate Netbank Support.


Telephone numberBanking hours
(+46) 771 77 6991Monday - Friday
08.00 - 18.00
Blocking serviceBanking hours
(+46) 8 402 57 80Outside the service hours of Corporate Netbank Support.

Ecustody User Support


Telephone numberEmail
+45 55 475


Telephone numberEmail
+358 10 276 5355 (Finnish / English)


Telephone numberEmail
+47 22 486


Telephone numberEmail
+46 10 156 99

Unblock Your PIN code

If you enter an incorrect PIN code three times in a row in the card reader, the card reader panel will show the text Card PIN is blocked. This means that the PIN code cannot be used with the card reader prior unblocking the PIN.

How to unblock your PIN code:

Nordea eID card

Card valid untilHow do I unblock the PIN code?
2016/12 and earlierContact your administrator or Nordea to order a new card
2017/01 and laterUnblock with PUK code

Nordea Codes app

Your Nordea Codes app is blocked if you have keyed in the wrong PIN too many times. The app will tell you when you will be able to use the device for logging on to Corporate Netbank. Nordea cannot unblock the device.

If you forget your PIN for the Nordea Codes app you will need to delete the user from your mobile device and activate a new device from My profile. Nordea will never know nor have access to your PIN for the Nordea Codes app.

Bank card, credit card and logon card

More information available here (link to page in Swedish)

Quick FAQs

Q: I’m unable to log in with a card reader with a cable.
A: If it is first time you log in, check that the BankID and NCR1 driver are properly installed. If you have logged in before on the computer, try to remove the cable from the card reader and plug it back in.

Q: I’m unable to log in with a card reader without a cable.
A: If the error message from the system says “Invalid Information entered”, and the response code entered was incorrect, the card will be blocked for 1 hour after repeated attempts. If error still shows after 1 hour, please call Support for help.

Q: When making payments I’m told that cut off time has expired. 
A: In this section of the website, you will find useful links, such as cut off times for all Nordic countries as well as bank holidays. You can also find FX rates, interest rates and currencies that can be useful when making payments. In addition, you will also find contact information on your local support and information about your administrator and your agreement number.

Q: I have just created a new user, but the user is inactive.
A: Check that you have ordered a Nordea eID/e-legitimation and confirmed it. 

Q: When I change the user access rights in Corporate Netbank Administration, I don’t have a Save button.
A: Check if the user is a part of a user profile. If so, you need to make the changes in the profile or remove the user, if needed.

Q: I can’t see loginID for some of my colleagues, only their short names.
A: Administrators cannot see each other’s loginID, only user loginID is visible.