Nordea Trade Portal

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Nordea Trade Portal

The Nordea Trade Portal is a place for business owners to explore new opportunities and find vital information on expanding into international markets. The portal is open and free for anyone who is interested in learning more about how to navigate the processes of expanding their business into new, international markets. 

>> Visit the Nordea Trade Portal << 

Within the portal you can find information, tools and resources to help you grow your business abroad, including how to approach new markets, find counterparts, organise shipments and set up a business overseas. 

About the Nordea Trade Portal:

  • 180 country profiles, 20,000 market reports, statistics and databases of importers and exporters
  • Alert services to monitor changes for regulations and new tenders
  • List of international trade shows
  • Check local barriers, manage shipping documents and check compliance issues
  • Export and import calculators

All the information you need to expand your business further:
Explore new markets: Discover more about the products and countries that interest you by exploring import / export flows, country profiles and relevant market reports.

Engage in business: Browse our databases to find tradeshows, exporters, suppliers, marketplaces and tenders for your products and countries of interest. 

Manage trade operations: Prepare your transactions by checking compliance rules and standards for your shipments, and verify your counterparts by accessing our databases.

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