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Customer couple

Hello Nordics - Nordea partnering with Ashoka to improve the lives of people facing exclusion


In a program called Hello Nordics Nordea and Ashoka, Ashoka being one of the...

Nordea collects ESG Award on behalf of The Corporate Human Rights Benchmark

Responsible investment Society

CFA Sweden awards The Corporate Human Rights Benchmark (CHEB), of which Norde...

Cyber Security

Nordea raising awareness of cyber security

Society Responsible business

Nordea is participating in European Cyber Security Month during October

Co passion

Nordea to support ‘compassion in banking’ research

Society Responsible business

Nordea will take part in a research project conducted by the Department of Th...

Working people

Nordea Start-up Accelerator: Designing tomorrows´ banking services

Our people Society

Nordea is looking for small innovative companies to partner with in order to...

Gunn Wærsted

Financial skills should be for everyone


Our employees visit schools across Nordic region to help teach basic economic...

Emma Persson

Private economist for young people appointed


Emma Persson appointed Nordea's first dedicated private economist for young p...

Story economic skills

Meetings with young people help us understand our customers better


Nordea employees in Finland volunteer to work with the Economic Skills Project.

Viser 8 ud af 8 resultater