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Kungsholmen Island

Paying tax responsibly

At Nordea, we generate value for the societies in which we operate both through the taxes we pay in relation to our business, and by withholding taxes on dividends and interest for customers on behalf of the government. We are committed to meeting the expectations on transparency with respect to our tax management.

Nordea’s policy is to pay taxes in accordance with local regulations in all our countries of operation and, in so doing, to make an appropriate contribution to each society. We manage tax costs and risks carefully, and by paying and reporting taxes in due time, we aim to maintain a good local tax reputation. 

At Nordea we strive to deliver great customer experience, and to build trust through acting with integrity. This includes upholding the ethical standards outlined in Nordea’s Code of Conduct (pdf, 523 KB) and Sustainability Policy (pdf, 1 MB). We also take care to comply with external regulations regarding the provision of proper information and not mislead customers in their decisions.