Nordea in society

We believe financial skills are a cornerstone of a good life


We believe that supporting people in building financial skills and encouraging them to start businesses, are two ways of promoting well-being in society.

In 2022, our volunteers supported more than


children and young people in building financial skills through our own projects and partners' projects.

Our Startup & Growth unit organised


meetings between investors and startups in 2022.

Sharing our expertise

We want to be a part of building the future for Nordic people.

We want to help people develop financial skills and inspire them to become entrepreneurs. And we want to support companies in achieving sustainable growth and have opportunity to create new job opportunities.

This way, we can contribute to success stories. Where people push boundaries, pursue their passion, do things together and realise their dreams.

Our employees have the privilege of being able to take part in volunteering projects and promote financial skills and entrepreneurship.

Two areas we focus on

Financial skills

Financial literacy involves not only having specific knowledge and skills, but also having the confidence to make decisions to achieve financial well-being. When people manage their own economy well, they contribute to a secure future for themselves and stable financial markets for society.

As a financial services company, we have substantial knowledge and expertise in this area. We cooperate with non-profit organisations and share our knowledge in areas such as budgeting, saving and financial decision-making.


Entrepreneurship plays a very important role in society in terms of driving growth and innovation. With our expertise and engagement, we can support entrepreneurs in many ways and help them grow their businesses. 

Entrepreneurs make their own plans for growth and get our advice and mentoring to help realise them. We also introduce them to networks of venture partners, experts, investors and growth professionals.

How we share


Donations this year have focused on supporting the people of Ukraine. Otherwise, charitable contributions are always pro bono and relate to building financial skills.


All Nordea employees have the opportunity to spend two paid working days per year volunteering under one of our community engagement programmes. For example, they might teach young people financial skills or participate in activities and events aimed at supporting entrepreneurship. 

Did you know that last year alone we spent 8,000 hours in different programmes?


We can share a lot of our expertise to support ideas and help companies grow. Via our entrepreneur programmes, we connect startups and scaleups with suitable investors, participate in mentor programmes and sponsor various initiatives. We create forums, take part in events and connect our customers with each other so they can grow together.

Did you know that last year we connected hundreds of founders with investors under our Investor Speed Dating programme?