Sustainable Finance Advisory

Supporting your business with sustainable product offerings

The financial markets are undergoing fundamental changes as the global economy is headed towards becoming sustainable and low-carbon. In response to the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals companies, investors and nations are all busy at work with;

  • Steering capital towards sustainable investments
  • Integrating sustainability into risk management
  • Fostering transparency and long-termism.

These three objectives are the underpinnings of the global sustainable finance developments, as spearheaded by the European Commission’s Sustainable Finance Action Plan.

Holistic advisory and coverage

At Nordea, the Sustainable Finance Advisory are here to help our clients navigating these complex and uncertain developments. By providing our clients with a holistic coverage of the drivers shaping the future of the financial markets we can ensure they are best positioned to take advantage of these and optimize their efforts. Through our full suite of products and services we help clients engage with their financial and external stakeholders on their sustainability agenda and increase the overall impact.

    Our products and services include:

    • Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds and Loans
    • Sustainability-Linked Bond and Loans
    • ESG data advisory and integration
    • Reporting and disclosures
    • Regulation and political developments

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