Management shareholding

The table below shows the shareholding and shares in deferral in Nordea Bank Apb of the management of Nordea. 

In accordance with the EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) N:o 596/2014, Nordea publishes all its managers' transactions by a Stock Exchange Release. The releases can be found in the link list below. Management holdings as at the end of the previous financial period are included in Nordea’s annual Corporate Governance Statement published in connection with the Annual Report.

Board of Directors

Shareholding in Nordea as of 25.7.2023

Name Position Shareholding in Nordea
Stephen Hester Chair 90,260
Lene Skole Vice Chair 19,730
Arja Talma Member 20,000
Birger Steen Member 10,000
John Maltby Member 8,241
Jonas Synnergren Member 0
Kjersti Wiklund Member 0
Per Strömberg Member 0
Petra van Hoeken Member 2,400
Risto Murto Member 11,192


Group Leadership Team

Shareholding in Nordea as of 21.7.2023.

Name Position Shareholding in Nordea Nordea shares in deferral* Total 
Frank Vang-Jensen Group CEO 187,323 145,777 333,100
Sara Mella Head of Personal Banking 45,096 63,340 108,436
Nina Arkilahti Head of Business Banking 47,310 46,602 93,912
Martin A Persson Head of Large Corporates & Institutions 49,868 75,771 125,639
Snorre Storset Head of Asset & Wealth Management 41,445 70,277 111,722
Erik Ekman Head of Group Business Support 68,690 74,986 143,676
Mark Kandborg Chief Risk Officer 25,679 27,637 53,316
Christina Gadeberg Chief People Officer 20,859 43,745 64,604
Jussi Koskinen Chief Legal Officer 25,726 53,483 79,209
Ulrika Romantschuk Head of Brand, Communications and Marketing 12,257 12,197 24,454
Ian Smith Group Chief Financial Officer 44,278 88,618 132,896
Jamie Graham Chief Compliance Officer 15,078 33,116 48,194
Virpi Vuorinen Head of Group Internal Audit (not a member of the GLT) 1,968 5,384 7,352


* Relating to earned STIP awards from performance years 2019-2022 including LTIP 2020-2022. Does not include conditional shares from LTIPs for performance periods that have not ended, as shares have not yet been awarded. Further information on remuneration and our abbreviations can be found here

Managers' transactions