Nordea Graduate Programme

Mission & vision for the programme

Nordea’s Graduate Programme is a way for us to attract the most talented graduates who can grow and become future leaders and experts at Nordea while focusing on a sustainable and diverse pipeline.

The programme is aligned with our strategy and priorities to attract, identify and develop our next generation to drive and executive on our business plan and financial targets – now and in future.


A motivating and eye-opening programme

Joining the programme will be an impactful experience for you that will make a real difference for your development. You’ll bring everything you learn with you as a solid foundation on which to build your future career. 

The programme is designed by learning professionals, with activities carefully planned to reflect the latest skills and demands. You’ll be carefully guided, and active interaction will help you get clarity on what you want, how you work and thrive and what your passion is.

What you can expect

The Nordea Graduate Programme is a 1,5-year programme, starting in September each year. During that period you’ll follow a learning plan, working in various departments with clear learning objectives to support your growth.

The programme includes:

  • An learning position with challenging assignments
  • The opportunity to accelerate your skills and obtain value chain knowledge
  • Top-class learning activities
  • A focused track within a specific business area to boost your career
  • Graduate summits, knowledge-sharing webinars and other learning activities
  • Support on your personal and professional development, including mentoring, coaching and feedback
  • A memorable and enjoyable way to start your career with us
  • Our programme team will invest time in you and support you – as will your leader and mentor. 


Who knows exactly where to go when you don't yet know which paths to follow? It’s natural and healthy to have doubts, be curious and to explore various opportunities to shape your own path.

We strongly believe that exploring helps you decide the choices for your future. That’s why we offer job rotation during the programme. Ultimately, this will also broaden your horizon and widen your perspective.


Ilakia Amirthalingam

Technology Graduate in Sustainable IT, Stockholm

I really appreciate the prospect of trying different positions

I have the opportunity to try out various roles across the organisation. I’m quite certain that I’m not alone in feeling a sense of uncertainty regarding future jobs immediately after graduating from university. That’s why I really appreciate the prospect of trying different positions and exploring various areas.


Why should you choose our programme?

Dynamic and fun

When joining Nordea you will enter a really dynamic workplace. You’ll find a great mosaic of personalities, nationalities, expertise, perspectives, ideas, languages, opinions and approaches – but all unified in the common ambition to enable positive change for ourselves, our colleagues, our customers and society at large. 


Where do you want to climb?

The purpose of the programme is to develop our future talents. 

We listen to your career aspirations and support your development within the bank throughout different phases of your career. All in all, the question is – where do you want climb?



The social aspect at the forefront

In today’s world where a lot takes place online and working from home has become common, we’re aware that social interaction and meeting each other in person are still very important. That’s why we’ve included the social aspect in our programme, creating a forum where you can network with other graduates across countries and team up with them in person at summits and workshops.

We believe that you’ll greatly benefit from meeting and exchanging experiences with fellow graduates. You’re at the same stage of your careers and probably have many of the same questions, wishes and doubts. That’s why the programme also offers a unique opportunity of peer support.


Ethics and ambition

We value a collaborative and friendly work environment, excellent training and strong leadership and we maintain a leading role in the financial industry – helping and moving our employees, customers and society forward. Thus, our ambitions and ethical standards are inseparable.

Learn more about our purpose and values.


Come as you are

All perspectives are highly valued at Nordea. We believe that our diverse backgrounds and perspectives help us make better choices and achieve stronger results. In other words, we believe that great minds don’t think alike and that all perspectives are valuable in the journey towards something better.

We all take an active role in shaping a diverse workplace where we can all feel safe and find a working balance which brings out the best in us. Working with us, you will discover the space to be you, with an opportunity to accomplish more than you expected in collaboration with others. We’re committed to being diverse and inclusive in every area of the organisation.

Sustainable career

Today, a successful career equals a sustainable career. In addition to focusing on the skills required to hold a specific position, you must also develop competencies that will continue to be relevant in a rapidly changing world.

The Nordea Graduate Programme can add just that, and you will experience personal on-the-job development and strong collaboration.

Nathan Kebede

Personal Banking Graduate in Digital Sales and Engagement, Oslo

Training that boosts our overall personal and professional development

I really appreciate that the graduate programme provides on-the-job training as well as training that boosts our overall personal and professional development.


Graduate Career Streams

The streams are implemented for you to navigate and find your best starting point at Nordea. This means that the streams are not separate programme tracks, all graduates in Nordea follow the same programme structure no matter of the chosen stream. However the learning by doing will of course differ depending on the chosen stream. 

When applying to the Graduate Programme you choose one of the Career Streams below. These are built on the future skills needed in Nordea. Each stream will give the graduate a home team that will host the graduate throughout the Programme. It is also this home team where the graduate will be offered to start their career after the Programme has ended. 


Hedvig Ernst

Graduate in Asset & Wealth Management, Copenhagen

We’re people from all over the world

The bootcamp not only helped me see the opportunities of my future career at Nordea after discussions with inspiring leaders – I also got new friends. We’re people from all over the world in the graduate programme, which is inspiring, fun and eye-opening.


How to become a Nordea Graduate

We're looking for talents with a collaborative and growth mindset. A few check points to keep in mind before applying:

  • You have completed your Master’s degree before joining
  • You have excellent English skills
  • You have less than two years of post-academic work experience

Collaborating internationally

An aspect of working at Nordea that many find inspiring and dynamic is the fact that at Nordea our people come from 101 countries collaborating across the Nordic countries as well as Poland and Estonia. Plenty of opportunity for broad networking and exciting different and inspiring perspectives.


Recruitment process & timeline

We accept applications for the programme in two rounds per academic year: September and January.


2025 application round


Events Calendar

Meet Nordea representatives at various job fairs, company presentations and conferences across the Nordics, Poland and Estonia. Check out our Events Calendar for details on how to sign up.

Events Calendar

Meet our talents Blog

If you want to learn more about Graduates and other talents at Nordea, tap in to our Career blog and meet our brilliant people. 

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