Our financial crime prevention policies and practices

At Nordea, we do our utmost to ensure that our resources, products and services are not used to facilitate financial crime or any other illegal activities. 

Nordea policies

We are committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations anyplace we operate. Therefore, we have established a set of global policies that help us achieve robust and consistent standards of compliance. Our policies provide a uniform set of risk management principles and mandatory standards throughout Nordea.  

We continuously evaluate and update our policies and controls to ensure we have adequate defences against financial crime.

The spirit of the law

We aim to go beyond simply complying with the letter of the law. Our policies, processes and practices reflect the spirit and intent of the law as well.

At Nordea, we do not only ask ourselves Can we do it? We also ask ourselves Should we do it? 

Our ethical principles

Our Code of Conduct sets the standards for how we behave and guides us in decision-making. Ethics, honesty and sincerity are expected from all our employees, business partners, suppliers and contractors acting on behalf of Nordea. 

Our Code of Conduct, together with other internal rules and guidelines, serve as the foundation for our work.