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At Nordea, community engagement is about creating positive change with the help of our employees.

Through well over 20 programmes and partnerships, we focus on building financial skills and fostering entrepreneurship. This way, our banking and finance expertise can have a positive impact on society.

With most of our activities based on face-to-face interaction, varying degrees of lockdown measures impacted our efforts in 2021. Despite this, close to 1,100 Nordea employees delivered 6,500 hours of volunteering in 2021. 


This is an example of a partnership for entrepreneurs, in this we connect startups and scaleups with investees.

Slush is all about startups when 12.000 participants gather to slushy Helsinki in November. World’s leading startup and technology event, brings together founders and tech talent to meet with top-tier international investors, executives, and media. Slush is a non-profit event organized by a community of entrepreneurs, investors, and students. The idea is to create a global entrepreneurial movement that inspires the formation of new startups and global high-growth companies that want to have a positive impact on society. Around 20 Nordea volunteers will work at this event, setting up speed dates between investors and startups. 

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This is an example of how we reach out via partnerships to improve financial skills for people.

In a recent study we conducted in Sweden last spring, we discovered that while younger children enjoy mathematics, the level of enjoyment unfortunately tends to decline among older students. To encourage a new spirit of exploration and curiosity, we started Matteutmaningen, a nationwide contest for children and their families with a range of prizes that puts the fun back into Maths. This we do together with the homework app Albert, Mattecentrum, a non-profit organisation that helps children and young adults and the song-contest Melodifestivalen.

We also run programmes for financial skills in both Sweden and Finland, as well digital coaching for elderly.

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Investor Speed Dating

This is an example of an initiative from us that helps startups and scaleups to increase their possibilities to grow. 

Nordea Investor Speed Dating is a virtual matchmaking event for high-growth startups and scaleups looking for the right investors. We work with over 200 local and global investment funds. Meetings are pre-booked and take place through one-to-one discussions between companies and investors. Our goal is to make this event the most efficient two and a half hours of the year – for both parties.

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In Denmark, one of our partnerships is with Thinkers50 Europe, an event where we invite customers. We get topclass content that we can share with our customers and we also invite startups to a Nordea event where we share some of the unique findings from the event. 

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In Finland, we take part in a project called Me & MyCity. Coordinated by the Economic Information Office (TAT), Me & MyCity provides a learning environment for sixth and ninth-grade students where they can learn about society, working life and entrepreneurship

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In Sweden, we've a business partnership with Unga Aktiesparare. This organisation teaches young people about the stock market, investments, funds and the financial industry at large. As a result, they gain tools and knowledge for managing their personal finances.

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