Making active ownership count 

At Nordea we believe active ownership is paramount in creating returns with responsibility. As we are a major owner in many companies, both in the Nordics and globally, we vote at annual general meetings according to our corporate governance principles. We strive for transparency and this voting portal demonstrates our voting, both at the Annual General Meetings we physically attend and our proxy voting. The portal is updated continuously and contains our historical voting since the 2016 season. 

Besides voting, we also demonstrates stewardship and active ownership through representation on nomination committees and through dialogue and engagement activities with companies.

To see how we are voting, visit our Voting portal. Do you have any questions about voting or this portal please reach out to our our expert in corporate goverenance Erik Durhan, – erik.durhan [at]

Voting summary 2020

Voted on


 AGMs / EGMs

We joined


nomination committees

Meetings by country

USA 25%
Sweden 11%
China 7%
Japan 6%
UK 4%
Finland 4%
Denmark 4%
Other 39%

90% for 10% against

alignment with management.

Meetings by sector

  • Industrials 18%
  • Financials 17%
  • Information technology 14%
  • Healthcare 13%
  • Consumer discretionary 12%
  • Consumer staples 8%
  • Communication 6%
  • Materials 6%
  • Real estate 3%
  • Energy 2%
  • Utilities 2%