Investment Banking

We support you in wide range of capital-raising activities for example mergers, acquisitions and divestments

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Country Name Email
Denmark Kasper Dichow, Head of Corporate Finance Denmark kasper.dichow [at]
Finland Petteri Änkilä, Head of Corporate Finance Finland petteri.ankila [at]
Norway Ingar Nissen-Meyer, Head of Corporate Finance Norway Ingar.nissen-meyer [at]
Sweden Göran Svensson, Head of Corporate Finance Sweden goran.svensson [at]


Country Name Email
Denmark Torben Hansen, Head of ECM Denmark torben.hansen [at]
Finland Esa Hanttu, Head of ECM Finland esa.hanttu [at]
Sweden Fredrik Segenmark, Head of ECM Sweden fredrik.segenmark [at]
Norway Henrik Lachmann-Mørck, Head of ECM Norway henrik.morck [at]


Name Email
Antti Saha, Head of Debt Capital Markets antti.saha [at]


Name Email
Lars Fischer, Head of Debt Structuring & Solutions Lars.Fischer [at]



Name Email
Povl Bak-Jensen, Head of Debt Syndicate povl.bak-jensen [at]


Name Email
Marko Ahlroos, Head of Leveraged Finance marko.ahlroos [at]


Name Email
Jacob Michaelsen, Head of Sustainable Finance Advisory Jacob.Michaelsen [at]


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