Trade Term Loans

Trade term loans provide your company with working capital financing for an underlying trade of goods or services. They are a flexible solution that can be extended standalone or under a documentary product on a working capital need basis. The option of combining the trade term loan with a documentary credit or collection gives you a method of securing payments and mitigating risk associated with international trade. Access to working capital financing provides buyers with extended payment terms and suppliers with improved cash flow.

Structured to meet your company’s needs, trade term loans can be extended for a single transaction or under an uncommitted revolving credit facility. The flexibility and global reach distinguish the offering from other working capital financing solutions, adding a vast number of possible solutions to meet your financing needs for international trade. You decide which transactions to finance, and how.

Your benefits

✓ Improve working capital: Optimise your cash flow by aligning  financing with your trade cycle to preserve capital, rather than tying it up in trade transactions.

✓ Flexible: You decide which transactions you finance on a working capital needs basis, and how.

✓ Global reach:  Financing is available for all international trade transactions, subject to validated trade documentation, and in all major currencies.

✓ Secure payments: Combine with documentary credit or collection to mitigate risks in international trade.

✓ Strengthen buyer-supplier relationship: Extend your working capital while negotiating better and more competitive terms.

✓ Credit protection: Secure your trade transactions against commercial and political risks through risk sharing.

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