Remuneration to Board of Directors

The AGM 2024 resolved remuneration to the board members amounting to:

  • Chair EUR 365,000
  • Vice-chair EUR 171,000 and
  • Other members EUR 109,000

In addition, annual remuneration will be paid for the work on the Board Audit Committee, Board Risk Committee and Board Operations and Sustainability Committee amounting to EUR 69,500 for the committee Chair and EUR 34,500 for the other committee members, and for work on the Board Remuneration and People Committee amounting to EUR 53,000 for the committee Chair and EUR 30,000 for the other committee members.

No remuneration is paid to board members employed by the Nordea Group.

In addition, the Company covers or reimburses the members of the Board of Directors all costs and expenses related to or arising from the Board membership, including travel, logistics and accommodation as well as consultative, legal and administrative costs. The legal costs can e.g. include required costs of legal defence and claims made (during and after their period of office) against Board members in cases where Board members are not found liable or guilty of any intentional wrongdoing or grossly negligent behaviour.

For more information about remuneration paid to Board members in 2023, please refer to note G8 of Nordea's Annual Report, or Disclosures.