Our markets

The Nordic countries in which we operate – DenmarkFinlandNorway and Sweden – consistently rank among the highest performing nations on metrics such as income, wealth, purchasing power, productivity, digitalisation, educational standards and more.

All four are politically stable democracies, which creates a very stable business environment. From a global perspective, the Nordics have very low rates of corruption and high legal protection of individual and property rights. Their solid welfare systems provide universal access to healthcare, education and social protection. Economic growth is strong, household savings are high and unemployment is low.

The Nordic region is a mature, digitalised and attractive market. Accordingly, it is a highly competitive business environment. Having the best products and services is not enough: the strongest financial institutions are digitally advanced, provide holistic advice to meet complex needs, adhere to the highest ethical standards and actively contribute to society and a sustainable future.

This is what we strive for at Nordea.


Products and services in each market


Did you know that we connect startups and entrepreneurs with investors at the Slush event every year? Last year, our matchmaking in Finland led to over 784 dates – a record.

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Did you know that our Norwegian customers log in to the mobile bank 34 times per month?

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Did you know that in Sweden we have different types of customer meetings around 1,000 times per day?  

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Our four business areas have operations in all four Nordic countries. 

Nordea Bank Abp has its main headquarter in Helsinki, Finland. The local headquarters are in Copenhagen (Denmark), Oslo (Norway) Stockholm (Sweden). 

Read more about our workplaces and also, how we work to reduce carbon emissions in our own operations.  

We serve our customers worldwide

Our vision is to be the preferred partner for our Nordic customers, also for their banking needs outside the Nordics. 

Our teams in Nordea Asset Management are located in various branches and subsidiary offices. We are one of the largest asset managers in the Nordics and are present in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

See full list and contact details for our offices outside of the Nordics here.